Create a Strong Emotional Experience for Your Story Readers

CREATE A STRONG EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR STORY READERS: Build Captivating Story Characters and Use the Power of Point of View to Communicate Your Story

by Amy Deardon


The close emotional experience a reader experiences with your characters is perhaps the most important reason he or she keeps reading and loving your story. You can strengthen that bond between your reader and characters by using straightforward writing techniques that transform your characters into sparkling individuals.

In this book you will …

—Discover the essential traits that a story character must have to become a “real person” for your reader.

—Review techniques to translate your character’s personality onto the page so your reader knows him or her as well as a best friend.

—Grasp the powerful point of view technique that plunges your reader into your character’s mind.

—Master these tactics in your own writing by going step-by-step through examples that will show you exactly how to make them work.

It’s easier than you think! You can continue to be frustrated building characters by trial and error, hoping you’ve captured the elements that will unflatten them… or learn the powerful proven techniques that generate vibrant story people.


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