Your Eyes

YOUR EYES: How Your Amazing Body Works series

by Will Morgan


Scientist Will Morgan presents “Your Eyes,” the first in our new “How Your Amazing Body Works” series. This book uses carefully chosen words and captivating illustrations to explain how the eye works and what are certain eye conditions that your child may be experiencing, such as color blindness, nearsightedness, lazy eye, and pink eye. Although the language is simple, the ideas presented are scientifically accurate with some depth.

Numerous clear illustrations help solidify this information. This book includes an 18-question quiz reviewing the covered information, including “HINT” links and answers for each question. When your child finishes this book you will be surprised with his or her sophisticated knowledge of eye structure and function. A final vocabulary list reviews ideas in a quick format.

This new series, “How Your Amazing Body Works” series, is for children who want to understand how the human body works, especially for those who may have particular health questions if they have been diagnosed with a problem. We see a need for this type of friendly information, and hope you will follow development of our new titles as they are released.

If you have an elementary-level child with a health condition, one of our books may be just what your child needs to explain the problem simply, accurately, and positively. If you have a particular title you would like to see, or any comments or questions, please write to Kitty and Ro Publishing (a subsidiary of Taegais Publishing LLC) at “” We love to hear from you! Thank you, and be well.

Middle elementary level for readers; may be read to younger children. Clear illustrations and simple text enhance your child’s learning experience.
83 pages; 3686 words.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Will Morgan is a scientist. He loves to build and launch model rockets. He lives with his wife, Jane, and their spoiled greyhound named Snickers. Snickers runs faster than any of the rabbits or squirrels in the yard.

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